A Study on Hevea Brasiliensis for evaluation of phytochemical and pharmacological properties in Swiss Albino Mice

Md. Salim Ahammed

Md. Salim Ahammed
Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy, University of Information Technology and Sciences, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh. Email: noory.chemistry@gmail.com
Online First: April 25, 2020 | Cite this Article
Ahammed, M. 2020. A Study on Hevea Brasiliensis for evaluation of phytochemical and pharmacological properties in Swiss Albino Mice. Discovery Phytomedicine 7(2). DOI:10.15562/phytomedicine.2020.122

Hevea brasiliensis, a plant belonging family Euphorbiaceae. In Brazil this plant is not only use for medicinal purpose but also for cosmetics purpose. The present study was aimed to study analgesic and antidiarrheal activity of methanol extract of Hevea brasiliensis. Analgesic activity was evaluated by acetic acid- induced writhing method and antidiarrheal by gastrointestinal motility method (charcoal meal test) in mice. Phytochemical evaluation was carried out by qualitative analysis. For analgesic evaluation, the extract (250 mg and 500 mg) showed significant activity compared to control diclofenac Na. On the other hand, for antidiarrheal activity the extract (250 mg and 500 mg) significantly reduce charcoal propulsion. The phytochemical evaluation showed significant presence of Alkaloids, Carbohydrates, Glycosides, Saponins, Phytosterols, Proteins and amino acids, Fats & fixed oils. It’s concluded that the extract possesses both analgesic and antidiarrheal activity and containing wide range of phytochemicals.


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