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The aim of this study was to evaluate the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and thrombolytic activities of methanolic extract of Triticum aestivum. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of the plant extract was evaluated by formalin induced licking and biting test and carrageenan induced paw edema methods respectively in Swiss albino mice. The thrombolytic activity was evaluated by clot lyses test found for human. The methanolic extract of this plant showed the dose dependent analgesic effect by formalin induced licking and biting test in mice. The extract was capable of  inhibiting of 35.69% and 45.72% licking and biting  at dose 100 and200 mg/kg, respectively (at early phase) and42.7% and 54.65%  of inhibition at dose 100 and 200 mg/kg respectively (at later phase) compared to reference standard drug (10 mg/kg acetyl salicylic acid).During carrageenan induced paw edema test, at dose 400mg/kg, the extracts showed moderate anti-inflammatory potential in mice model, showing inhibition of edema 19.023% at final hour compared with reference standard drug Ibuprofen. In case of in vitro thrombolytic activity test, at dose 10 mg/ml, the plant extract showed significant thrombolytic activity, 57.90% lysis of clot compared to reference standard drug Streptokinase. The result demonstrated that the plant extract possess analgesic, anti-inflammatory and thrombolytic properties that justified the uses of the plant extract as tradition medicine for the treatment of various diseases.

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Ibrahim, M. (2018). In-vivo analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities in Swiss albino mice and in-vitro thrombolytic activity of methanol extract of ten days mature whole plant of Triticum aestivum. Discovery Phytomedicine - Journal of Natural Products Research and Ethnopharmacology, 5(4), 43–47.




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