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Objectives: This study was aimed to investigate the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activi­ties of crude methanolic extract Averrhoa bilimbi leaves.

Materials and Methods: Methanolic extracts of Averrhoa bilimbi leaves with different concentration were tested for an­algesic activity in mouse model by acetic acid induced writhing and anti-inflammatory effect was tested by carrageenan induced paw edema model

Results: The extract, at 400 mg/kg, showed higher analgesic activity (67.51%) against acetic acid induced pain in mice while the standard ref­erence drug Diclofenac sodium exhibited 64.33% activity at 10 mg/kg dose. The anti-inflammatory effect of the extract was comparable to reference drug Ibuprofen and the effect was sustained for 2-4 hr.

Conclusion: Methanolic extractof Averrhoa bilimbi leaves have moderate analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.


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Amin, M. N. (2019). Evaluation of the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of methanolic extracts of the leaves of Averrhoa bilimbi leaves. Discovery Phytomedicine - Journal of Natural Products Research and Ethnopharmacology, 6(1), 12–15.




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