Study on anti-diarrheal activities of Abelmoscous esculentus seeds

Rajib Chandra Das , Susmita Mondal, Abida Sultana, Sanchita Dewanjee

Rajib Chandra Das
Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Noakhali Science and Technology University.. Email: rajib.acce@gmail.com

Susmita Mondal
Department of Pharmacy, Noakhali Science and Technology University.

Abida Sultana

Sanchita Dewanjee

Online First: April 15, 2019 | Cite this Article
Das, R., Mondal, S., Sultana, A., Dewanjee, S. 2019. Study on anti-diarrheal activities of Abelmoscous esculentus seeds. Discovery Phytomedicine 6(2). DOI:10.15562/phytomedicine.2019.89

The main objective of this study is to analyze anti-diarrheal activities of Abelmoscous esculentus. Phytochemical screening shows that Abelmoscous esculentus contain alkaloid, carbohydrate, saponines, diterpene, phytosterol, proteins and gums. Ethanolic extract of Abelmoscous esculentus as well as n-hexane soluble fraction and chloroform soluble fraction show 81.82% anti-diarrheal activities that is much higher than standard Loperamide (63.64%).  

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